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Sweet Lover Mine June 2, 2010

Posted by ninapaules in Writing Life.

A writer must often prove brave.  I’m not there, yet.  But, as proof of effort, I submit to you this “short”.  It’s from my scrap pile.  When I feel more confident, I promise something that means more to me. 

Until then, read at your own risk.  (And remember, I’m a romance writer.)

Here goes…


Five grueling hours I’ve spent playing political touch-tag with twice as many sour-faced suits whose pay-grades rival mine by a factor of 10.  And all to no avail.  I need a vacation.  I need a break.  I need a drink.

I pull in the driveway.  The plumber’s truck is parked in my space.  Damn, the AC must be fritzed.  Again.  It’s gonna cost.  Big time.

Yanking the hairpins from my hair, I limp in the front door.  It’s hotter than Hades Hell.   My bulging brief case hits the floor.  My constricting blazer follows the same path.  I need to free my mind.  Find a place where I am in control. 

I need to write.

Falling into the desk chair, I flip open the notebook in front of me, the icy hard lemon-aid I took two seconds to retrieve from the frig, pressed cool against my neck.  A fantasy.  What I need is a fantasy.

My eyes fall closed.

The air turns cool.  The sky night black.  My bare legs grip the lithe barrel of a huge white horse, its hooves pounding the hardened earth beneath me.  A silvery world slips past.  

He is waiting for me.  I can feel him.  His hopes, his dreams, his desires reaching out, pouring over my soul.  I urge, my heart racing with the wind tugging at my gown, ephemeral hands unfurling my hair, cool lips trailing my neck.  But these are not the kisses I seek or the hands I crave to know. 

Lover mine.   

I see him, the one who waits for me.  Standing at the wide stream, the engorged moon above plays with his shadow stretched long upon the grasses.  Strong and broad is he, the sheathed dragon-headed blade at his hip stained with the blood of my enemies. 

Protector mine. 

With strong hands and gentle lips, he greets me.  “My beloved,” he breaths, “I have prepared for you.” 

His arms lift me, his assured footfalls lightly caressing the soft grasses.  I know his path.  The path to the Willow.  He has spoken longingly of it to me.  Of this night.  Of our moment. 

The ancient Willow’s swaying tresses part with a wave of his broad hand, the place of which he spoke, waiting.  He presses me deep within the blankets, downy soft, sweetened with jasmine, his light hands caressing slowly, worshipfully, stirring my– 
My eyes open at an intrusive thud.

“AC’s fixed,” he declares triumphant, his grimy tool bag sitting on the corner of my desk.  “It will cool down soon.”  He reaches for my forgotten drink, ice clinking against the glass as he drains it.  “Whatcha working on?”  

I tell him.  Read a line or two.  It’s private, really.

He shakes his head.  “Fantasy.  Sweet fantasy.”  His light, inviting kiss finds my lips, my laptop snapping closed under his broad hand.  “But the real thing?  Now that’s another story.” 

 Sweet Lover mine.


Now, dear gentle reader, you must prove brave and play critic.  Rate Sweet Lover Mine (anonymously, of course) 

Comments are also welcome.  Constructive criticism is preferred.  The other kind stings, alot.

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1. Linda Banche - June 2, 2010

Hey, you’re up to 100% so far. Keep it up!

ninapaules - June 2, 2010

Hey Linda! Thanks. And welcome back. How’s Pumpkinnapper?

2. Linda Banche - June 2, 2010

Hi Nina. If you like a funny story, Pumpkinnapper is for you. It’s funnier than Lady of the Stars. The hero, named Henry, spars with the heroine’s pet goose, also named Henry, over the heroine, while they try to catch the pumpkin thieves. Nothing like a jealous pet. They’re both named “Henry” for a very good reason, which I can’t tell you. Go to my website and read the excerpt on the home page to get an idea of the story. Thanks for asking.

ninapaules - June 2, 2010

Will do, Linda! I loved Lady of the Stars. Colorful French envelopes and all. 😉

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