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My Writing Chamber, 179 days later July 9, 2010

Posted by ninapaules in Living Life.

I have a writing chamber.  It’s in the basement of my house.  I mostly built my chamber myself.  And I absolutely love it!  The walls are burgundy and navy fabric that I snagged at a box-lot auction.  The ornate Louis XVI styled end tables situated at my left and right were an amazing $5 yard sale find.  And, the comfy sea-foam green wing chair, upon which I now sit, is a castoff from my daughter’s late great grandmother.  All around me are my favorite things: research books, dolls, statuary, mementos from beloved writers (some who are now gone), framed prints that first hung in my grandmother’s house when she was newly wed.

Today is the first I’ve absorbed this space since Jan 11, when I broke my ankle, making the basement trek impossible then ill-advised.  Upon the library desk in the corner sits proof of absence.  My WomansAdvantage.biz flip calendar stalled at January 10th.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back!

If I was in possession of my camera right now, I would include pictures of this momentous moment (momentous for me, anyway).  But my camera is some 2600 miles to the west, in Hollywood, with my daughter, Anna, recording her YA adventure of a lifetime, complete with her best-friend-forever, Rachel Lauffer.  (If you’re reading this, Girls… I love you!)

So, let me give you something a mite more useful than pictures of me.  A few inspiring calendar quotes which I found while ripping away 179 little square pages, looking for today.

Enjoy! [bracketted words are mine]

Jan 12th: The happiest women don’t have the best of everything; they make the best of everything.

Jan 13: Treat every customer [reader] as if they sign your paycheck… because they do.

Jan 14: Stop Global Whining!  Work on what you can change.  Stop complaining about the things you can’t.

Jan 24: How are you creating a legacy?

Jan 26: If your foot is on the gas and the break at the same time, you can’t move forward.

Jan 28: Confront your problems head on.  Issues that you run from, run your business [and your life].

Jan 30: During good times, ideas flow like sunlight.  Record them in an idea book to draw from when times are tough.

Feb 1: Eliminate one habitual time-waster a month, like checking e-mail too frequently.

Feb 3: Thriving in this economy [publishing world] is like being on American Idol: pick the right song [story], put your heart into it, and ignore Simon! 

Feb 8: You can’t do everything.  Pick two priorities each week.

Feb 12: Successful people all have setbacks.  What separates them from others is that they don’t give up.

Feb 15: Remember what made you happy when you were little, and when you’re feeling sad, do one of those things.

Feb 21: You can’t change yesterday, but you can ruin today worrying about tomorrow.

March 20:  The one who angers you, controls you.

March 26: People are more interested in who you are than what you do.

May 22:  Deal with what is, not with what you wish was.

May 26: Regardless of your past, your future is spotless.

May 26: You can do anything.  You can’t do everything.

June 3: When you’re finished learning, you’re finished growing!

June 8: There will be bumps, so savor the journey.

July 2: She who asks the questions has the power!

And my absolute favorite… Today, July 8: Failure is not a four-letter word.  FEAR is.

What are some of your favorite quotes? This newly inspired mind wants to know.



1. Linda Banche - July 12, 2010

Quote? Who has quotes? I take my inspiration from the Salada tea tags!

ninapaules - July 13, 2010

LOL! Love those Salada tea tags. This morning mine was “Tutankhamun. A riches to rags story.”

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