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About Me

Welcome to ePublishing Works! for Authors for Readers.  My name is Nina Paules, founder of eBook Prep and ePublsihing Works!  Here, you will find my opinions on the ever changing world of publishing, history (the victors often lie), and my occasional sprints as a closet writer.

My mission: It’s simple.  eBook Prep and ePublishing Works! exist for our authors and because of our readers.  At eBook Prep, we handle the details so authors can do what authors do best – write the great stories we love. At ePublishing Works! we list and promote those great stories, and then smile as we watch our authors’ royalty checks grow.

My greatest dream: to someday become published in the world of Romance; to touch others lives as other dear authors have touched mine.

My deepest desire: to know the Creator of Heaven and Earth just as He is, to strip Him naked of man’s ideals so that I may view Him through the history He has allowed to be and the future He will bring to pass.

I hope you enjoy the news and links here at ePublishing Works!.  To contact me, leave a comment or send an email to npaules @ nfdc.net [spaces removed]

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