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When life gives you lemons…

In January 2010, I tripped over a dog toy (the family and I are volunteer puppy raisers for The Seeing Eye), fell down the steps and landed in the emergency room with a badly (I still shiver with the memory of it) broken ankle.  Two surgeries, 128 days in a wheelchair, 4 months of physical therapy (and a total of 12 months) later, I was left with a permanent limp; the limitations of which ended my HR career as a corporate trainer.

I’d ever felt more emotionally lost, or more unable to see (or believe in) the future.

But God had a plan…

While I was trying to make something of the bag of lemons I was holding, Mary Jo Putney asked me if I’d be interested in turning The Burning Point, the first novel in her contemporary series (and one of my favs), into an eBook.  Of course, I said yes.  How hard could it be? 

 One wicked learning curve and a month later, eBook Prep was born in March, 2011.  ePublishing Works! quickly followed.  (Who knew 90% of eBook resellers out there aren’t open to individual authors?)

Five months into this business, we (and I’m saying we now because there’s more than just me working at eBook Prep and ePW) have created nearly 150 eBooks and the ePublishing Works! catalog is over 100 titles strong.

Thank you Lord!

If you’re looking for a professionally formatted ebook at an affordable price, check out eBook Prep.

If you’re a print-published author seeking professional (and personal) representation of your ebooks (with promotion, too!) check out ePublishing Works!

What’s up next?  ePublishing Works! for Readers



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